Westphal Wagons on Wacouta

Originally a wagon and carriage builder, W. J. Westphal was known for building ice wagons. The company began building commercial car and truck bodies around the turn of the century. The 1914 St. Paul City Directory, advertised the business as W. J. Westphal’s  Wagons, Carriages and Automobile Painting, Upholstery and Repairs. The old plates on the cars in the photo above were white on dark blue. 1924 was the only year in the 20s when there was an “A” on the right hand side of the plate. The wagon belonged to the Schmidt Brewery. The words  Root Beer and Orange appear in the list on the side on the old beer wagon. Schmidt made non-alcoholic beverages during the dry years of prohibition. The billboard on the far side of the building is announcing John Barrymore in “Boy Brummel”. The building at 466 Wacouta was used as a warehouse for the Haddy A. Halper Box Manufacturing Company after Westphal went out of business. It has since been demolished.