Down by the River…


Somewhere in the middle of the Roaring ’20’s, St. Paul Photographer, Kenneth M. Wright took his camera down to the river and brought back this picture of what it was like to tie up downtown all those decades ago.  St. Paul’s skyline was a little lower back then. The tower of the Federal Courts building […]

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The Mighty Minnesota Building


St. Paul’s Minnesota Building became Art Deco as it was being built.  In the hopes of attracting more business downtown, Architect Charles H. Hausler worked with a consortium of developers to  revamp a conventional design and create the city’s first Moderne high rise. The building’s exterior paved the way for buildings like the First National […]

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The Washington House


No more waterin’ holes like this ’round seven corners and Smith, But back in the day if a man had an itchin’ and wandered up Third Street before prohibition At Washington House a friend he would meet to stand at the bar shufflin’ feet and drink like a fish bourbon poured by the Glish above […]

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The St. Anthony Falls Bridge


Originally known as the St. Anthony Falls Bridge, the Third Avenue Bridge carries road traffic above the edge of Saint Anthony Falls. Designed by city engineer Frederick W. Cappelen, the bridge curves to avoid fractures in the limestone bedrock. Construction on the bridge’s long series of open spandrel arches began in 1914. The 2,233 foot […]

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