At the Pentagon


The five sided, fourteen floor Pentagon Apartment, with its imaginative design and consideration for comfort was one of 12 structures in the 10-million dollar Minneapolis Model City Senior Citizen program. Completed in 1963, the unique structure was built to provide low rent housing for seniors. This building was finished less than a  year before the […]

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At the Hotel Camfield


Only a block away from Dayton’s, the 100 room fireproof Hotel Camfield sat on the corner of 8th and Marquette for over 50 years. Back in 1914 the hotel placed advertisements in newspapers all over the state. Single room with a private baths could be had for a buck a night. A double would run […]

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The Baths at Lake Calhoun


How Minneapolis has dealt with the question public baths may be seen from the report of the president of the board of park commissioners for 1912… He quotes from an address of ex-president Folwell of University Minnesota, delivered in 1896. Unless civilization takes the back track, modern cities in the next generation will provide at […]

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