The Swedish Tabernacle Then and Now


Completed in October of 1887,  the Swedish Tabernacle still stands on the northeast corner of 7th and Chicago Avenue. Way back when, the building’s  2,500 seat assembly hall was the biggest meeting place in Minneapolis. During the 1890’s, the Swedish Tabernacle hosted tremendous gatherings of city-wide interest. Explorers, scientists, statesmen, and preachers spoke here on […]

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The First Pavilion


There has been a pavilion on the north end of Lake Harriet since 1888.  The first one was built by the Minneapolis Street Railway Company on a piece of property that belonged to  trolley tycoon, Thomas Lowry.  The grand pavilion served as a motor line station and featured a 1500 seat auditorium.  Summer concerts were […]

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Back When Minneapolis was Bigger


Minneapolis was a bigger place when these postcards came out. The population of Minnesota’s largest city has declined by almost 140,000 souls since climbing to a  peak of 521,718 in 1950. In the middle of the last century, approximately 70.0% of the metropolitan area’s population was concentrated in the city limits of St. Paul and […]

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